Friday, 16 January 2009

About Me

I am a Entrepreneur into Exports. Presently running a Trading House with world wide clientèle.

I'm a very down to earth person, but at the same time stiff. Will not leave those people, who betray the trust, I'll take them for task. I love friends.

I don't like back stabbing especially from friends and I’m a God lover and I express plainly and openly the thoughts which occur to me and which strike me as right. This may embarrass a few; to some this may be distasteful; and a few others may even be irritated; however, all that I utter are proven truths and not lies. As far as I am concerned, I was never a party man or partisan. I have always been a man of principles.

Till the end of my life, I shall not even expect a word of praise from any quarter.

I am under no necessity to permanently support anyone for gaining selfish ends. I see no wrong at all in supporting that person who does well to us.

And I take good where ever it is even if that is from my Foe and persons of my dislike.

I don't respect a person who don't respect others and who think of themselves as great and superior. So because of these qualities I have very few friends and that few friends know me by their heart and love me by their heart. I love children especially itty-bitty children. I love nature and I don't like back stabbers and people who ridicule on others.

My policy: Love all serve all and Help ever Hurt Never and last but not least I don't like religious conversions, intercaste marriages or Love marriages.

I am a Amateur Radio Enthusiast with Call Sign VU3DIR also I am Amateur Astronomer, Storm Chaser & Amateur Meteorologist, Car designer, a vivid Railway fan & fond of MG EMU, MG rail bus, YCG, YAU, YS, Steam, YAM & YDM; WAP, WAG, WAM, WDM,WDG, WDP, WDS, NG locos & Coaches, a hobby antique collector my oldest collection dates back to old stone age tools to dolls that are a century and half old. A numismatist and philatelist with coins dating to Pre-Independence India, erst while Tibet and stamps like world's first and India's first and first after Independence.

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